Welcome to Erwin Poelstra Piano Lessons!

Piano lessons with Erwin Poelstra

Mr. Poelstra has a versatile musical background. He has great interest in and knowledge of historical performance practise. This has the advantage of bringing a fresh new perspective to the music, as it is taught and interpreted. He will bring with him the wealth of more than 30 years of experience gained in Europe.
In his lessons, he strives to give each student the unique instruction he or she needs based on the judgement of the student's understanding and abilities. Mr. Poelstra is currently accepting piano students (both children and adults) of all levels.

The setting

Steinway B model is used for lessons

These are piano lessons in a very attractive, spacious place in the Japanese country side, with a Steinway B model in the concert hall "Noah Hall". The atmosphere is serene and charged with positive energy.